Vietnamese war veterans who are "faithful, solidary, exemplary, and innovative" make a worthy contribution to the cause of national construction and defense

Nguyen Van Duoc

Senior Lieutenant General, Hero of the People's Armed Forces, Secretary of the Party Union, President of the Veterans Association of Vietnam (VAVN)

Communist Review - Upholding the quality of "Uncle Ho's soldiers" and the tradition of "Loyalty - Solidarity - Exemplary - Innovation", the Veterans Association of Vietnam (VAVN) continues to overcome challenges, proactively and creatively promote the emulation movement of "exemplary veterans", striving to successfully realize the goals and tasks set out in the Resolution of the 7th National Congress of VAVN (term 2022 - 2027), making a worthy contribution to building and firmly defending the socialist Vietnamese Fatherland.

Improving the quality of urban planning, modernizing Hanoi city, and ensuring urban economic sustainability

Dinh Tien Dung

Politburo Member, Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee, Head of the Hanoi National Assembly Delegation

Increasing adequate investments for basic research - a fundamental factor creating breakthroughs in science, technology, and innovation for national sustainable growth

Assoc. Prof, Dr. HUYNH THANH DAT

Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Science and Technology

Building a contingent of transparent and righteous cadres, civil servants and public employees in management and use of public property in association with the fight against “rent-seeking groups” in Viet Nam today


Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Home Affairs

Viet Nam unlocks and promotes cultural resources, contributing to boosting sustainable development


Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism