Based on the reality and experience of the reform process, as well as the requirements of the new stage, international trends and prospects for our country, the theoretical think tank circle of our country should focus their research on the following key issues:

Firstly, creatively applying and developing Marxist-Leninism, HoChiMinh ideology on socialism in the current era in which globalization and international integration are the main stream.

Secondly, promoting theoretical studies and review the practice of developing a socialist-oriented market economy, of which importance is given to market factors and types of productivity, business entities and the self-motivated stance of enterprises in the market economy. In addition, promoting various types of markets, building institutions of a market economy in line with requirements of active international economic integration.

Thirdly, studying political and social theoretical matters, social policies and management, of which the focal point is to make the power-holding Communist Party strong and transparent, building the socialist State of Law of the people, for the people and by the people, practicing democracy in daily life, promoting the mastership of the people, strengthening the democratic, unified and consensual relationship in society and continuing to build the great national unity.

Fourthly, studying Vietnamese culture and people, in order to make culture a solid spiritual foundation of society. Considering human development as both an objective and driving force of renovation and socialism. Giving special attention to the clarification of the idea of ameliorating the education services, fostering morality, personality and life style for the Vietnamese people. In particular, nurturing revolutionary ideology, political consciousness, morality and life style for the young generation. In developing the national culture, one should attach importance to the fostering of culture in the Party to make it the symbol of morality and civilization.

Fifthly, studying relevant matters of national defense, strengthening defense power, national security strategy, external guidelines and policies of the Party and State, and environmental protection.


It is necessary to make theoretical breakthroughs and address pending theoretical limitations in order to create a sound basis for the formation of the Party’s guidelines and policies in the new situation.