Enhancing education and training of revolutionary morality for cadres, party members following Ho Chi Minh thought in current stage

Assoc. Prof. Dr. VU TRONG LAM

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Communist Review

Communist Review - In Ho Chi Minh thought, education and training of the revolutionary morality for cadres and party members have occupied important position and role and it has always borned the current affairs character.

Celebrating the 93rd Anniversary of the CPV: Establishment to the Current Day

Kyril Whittaker

Building truly transparent, strong, regular, elite and modern people’s police forces, meeting requirements and tasks of maintaining social order and safety in new situation

Pro, Dr. TO LAM

General, Politburo Member, Minister of Public Security

Building moden, advanced, strong and streamlined army, meeting requirements of building and defence of Fatherland in new situation


General, Politburo member, Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission, Defence Minister

Continue to comprehensively and synchronously implement the Fatherland Protection Strategy, the National Defense Strategy and the Military Strategy in the new period


General, Politburo Member, Member of the Central Military Commission’s Standing Committee, Chairman of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People's Army