Completing the organization and operation of People’s Courts to build the socialist State governed by law of Viet Nam

Truong Hoa Binh Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Chief Judge of People’s Supreme Court

To implement the Party’s viewpoints and orientations on renovation of the court system’s organization and operation, the People’s Supreme Court has developed and finalized the master plan on building regional people’s courts of first instance, people’s courts of appeals, and people’s supreme courts; renovated the organization and operation of the people’s supreme Court; developing objectives, principles, orientations, content, steps and responsibility in preparation of necessary conditions for reorganization of the court system in the framework of judicial reform.

Fighting against corruption should be closely associated with Party building

Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Linh Khieu Communist Review

On self-criticism and criticism in Party’s discipline and control

Ha Quoc Tri The Central Commission of Control